Prostate Milking Story

Until recently the word "Prostate" tended to conjure up thoughts and images of incontinent
elderly men, but the prostate is a hidden small gland which when stimulated can produce
some very enjoyable sensations.  The association with anything "anal" has meant that
prostate pleasure has remained a well-kept secret.  Many men have never experienced the
pleasures of their prostate, perhaps because there was little information about it until
recently, others have been concerned that anything anal is "dirty", some have thought that
only gay men enjoy anal sex.  This is simply not true.  The prostate should be thought of as
a little pleasure gland which men can choose to use if they wish.

Although not impossible, it is very awkward to simulate your own prostate manually, which
is why the
Aneros can be a wonderful toy for the purpose.  Some men are often
embarrassed to ask their partner to give them prostate stimulation, but getting a loved one
to do it is much better and far more relaxing than doing it yourself.  Any man that has
received an expertly conducted prostate massage never forgets it
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Prostate Milking
                Prostate Milking Story
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