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Prostate milking yourself is not as easily done by yourself but follow these instructions to be able to
give yourself the ultimate orgasm by self prostate milking. Self prostate milking can be easy to master
if you follow the instructions below.

First,you must put on your latex gloves and lubricate them with a non allergenic lubricant or one that is
suitable for anal sex.
The one hand without the glove has some warmed oil in your palm, and the oil is gently being rubbed
into his testicles, slowly, one at time, and then both together. Then you’ll rub the oil into his perineum.
or the area around the anus. Gently knead his testicles. Between the two testicles is the shaft of the
penis that you can also gently massage with your ungloved hand.
Then you can slowly move your hand into the perineum area again, with circles, and slightly pushing
inward on the perineum. The ungloved hand also must be used to separate the two  butt cheeks and
make way for the latex gloved index finger with  lubrication  made for anal sex. These are excellent
lubricants for inserting with prostate milking or
prostate massage.
The finger is NOT to enter quickly but to massage the exterior of the anus until it becomes soft and
pliable, and not resistant to your touch. You can do this with circular motions in a slow and steady
You’ll need to lubricate your finger again and when you are ready to insert it, grab his penis at the
base and gently tug upward toward the glans. Make sure that the penis is well-lubricated with
warmed oil. As you are gently pulling upward on the penis, gently insert your lubricated gloved finger
about 1” inside the anus.
Move your inserted finger(s) internally and the other fingers of that hand externally towards his
testicles. When he moans, begin the prostate massage or prostate milking.
Again, lubrication is absolutely vital for his comfort. Slowly move your finger in, and out, but never
insert the full length of your finger. That could cause pain. Another thing to think about is do not use
saliva as an anal lubricant. It loses moisture too quick and a dry prostate massage can hurt your
partner. Move your lubricated finger(s), listen to his sounds. The more pleasurable the sound, the
more you need to focus on that spot which causes him to make that pleasure sound you heard.
Move your inserted lubricated finger upwards towards the scrotum with him lying on his back. You’ll
feel the prostate gland through the anus and rectal canal. Gently move your finger across it, then
slowly move your finger left and right, and listen to the sounds he makes.
His sounds will indicate that you’ve found his g-spot. Make a mental note of where it is, because you’
re going to be there more than once, and even for long periods of time, become intimate with it.
Tease him and massage his g-spot by, gently pulling your finger(s) out, and gently inserting them,
pushing upward towards the scrotum, across the prostate and then removing them again. Do this
over and over!
At this point, it might be a good idea to grab his penis with your lubricated ungloved hand and begin to
massage in up and down slowly And if you can, synchronize the up and down motion, with the in and
out motion of the prostate massaging. If necessary close the circle tighter around his penis. Massage
the prostate in many different directional patterns. Left/Right, Diagonal, Vertical, Horizontal, Letters of
the Alphabet, etc.

If you feel that he is preparing to ejaculate - stop him. You want him to orgasm but not come , this
control method will spread out the orgasm for him and greatly increase his pleasure level for the
prostate milking or prostate massage.
                                  5 Important Things To Remember With Self Prostate Milking

1)Always check with your doctor before doing a prostate milking or prostate massage, especially if you have any
questions about the health of your prostate.
2)When you are overweight or not limber, it can be difficult to this yourself. Find someone else who can do it for
3)Use a lubricant made with quality ingredients and is non-allergenic. Test a small amount of the lubricant on the
opening of your anus prior to the prostate milking.
4)Wear latex gloves to prevent possible bacteria and health problems.
5)Apply pressure gradually, and do not cause pain. This massage should never cause pain. If it does, stop

It is important to note that there can be serious health consequences if a prostate milking or prostate massage is
done incorrectly.
Important Disclaimer: Information on this website is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition and is
intended for information purposes only. As with any medical condition please consult your medical practitioner
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